Thursday, March 12, 2015


Yesterday we had a team meeting about goals and planning for large accounts. We have a lot of accounts and large territories, so prioritizing your time and targets is essential. One issue that we run into is that we tend to dive right in, and sometimes we lose sight of the goal or the strategy. At this point we can get stretched too thin, hit a grind and lose sight of where we want to go. We need to step back and see the big picture before we develop a plan. 

The same holds true in health and fitness. While you may not need to develop an intensive business strategy, you need to have a goal and a way to get there. This is the 

4 Steps of Developing a Plan:
1. Define a goal - this is your desired end state; the goal should be clearly defined, specific and actionable. 

2. Create a strategy - this is a broad strokes overview of how you are going to accomplish this goal. 

3. Assign tasks & create a timeline - every goal should have a realistic timeline in order to maintain accountability; tasks in this case are days in the gym, diet/calories per day, etc. 

4. Identify and deploy resources - tracking system or online trackers, articles, forums for advice, personal trainer (if you want). There's a lot of resources for free online. 

Obviously this is more geared towards business, but this process applies to any goal, professional or personal. 

Get after it!

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