Saturday, March 14, 2015

Squat Saturday! #squatsaturday

I'm bringing back Squat Saturday. It was my favorite day and should be yours, too. The Squat Saturday series will not just be pictures of awesome squats, but will also tackle a squat variation or issue each saturday. 

The squat is the King of all exercises. Being able to squat is an essential movement, and everyone should be doing some sort of squat. There are many possibilities from back squats, front squats, overhead squats, goblet squat, kettlebell squat, Zercher squats, belt squats, pistol squats, and the list goes on. So even if you can't back or front squat well, there are endless possibilities to do to build your mobility until you can squat with a barbell. 

Untamed Strength: Alan Thrall's How to Squat. This is a GREAT how to video that covers just about everything you can imagine about squatting. His other videos are great and entertaining as well. He is very detailed about the movements and covers footwear. 

 It's Saturday! So get in the rack and squat!

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